Research shows that the average woman uses cosmetics and cleaning products on a daily basis, exposing herself to approximately 168 chemical agents, which increases the risk of cancer, toxicity, and allergies. With this knowledge in mind, we embarked on a journey to create a product that can deliver results without compromising the well-being of the consumer. In the process, we found ourselves delving deeper into the understanding of beauty and the difference between modern and ancient beauty practices—both effective but based on entirely opposite principles.

Modern beauty relies on synthetic chemistry, and we do not intend to vilify that approach. In fact, most of those products are highly effective. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for individuals with sensitivities or for the health-conscious, as they burden the system and have to be metabolized by the liver—the very organ responsible for detoxifying and maintaining the clean environment necessary for healthy skin, hair, and nails.

After two years of dedicated research focused on Ayurvedic medicine and other ancient beauty practices, we finally found the right formulation and established relationships with farmers around the world from whom we source the raw materials carefully chosen to bring Naturanova to life.

Now you know that when you buy a Mayka Skincare product, you are being treated with care, purchasing an extension of something that was created with love and the clear intention of making a positive impact. Please write to us and share your feedback, or feel free to call us. We are incredibly grateful for the acceptance of our product in the organic and natural community, and listening to your suggestions helps us become a better company.


Naturanova is dedicated to making a positive contribution to the lives of our customers by creating high-quality and effective products that benefit not only their skin but also their general well-being.


We believe in honest marketing and have experienced firsthand the disappointment of reading labels, excited about an organic product, only to find out that there is one ingredient that breaks the deal or there are toxic agents disguised under different names. We are transparent in our process and write the common name of every ingredient next to the botanical name so the consumer knows what they are applying to their skin. We strive to find the purest sources of organic and natural ingredients and work only with suppliers that share our philosophy. There are no harmful chemicals or preservatives in our formulas, no hidden ingredients, no artificial fragrances, no animal by-products, and we do not conduct animal testing. We are label proud!!!


We buy our raw materials and ingredients from certified organic and natural sources

​We do not use chemical preservatives

​We do not use fillers

​No GMO ingredients

​No synthetic fragrances

​No animal byproducts

​No animal testing

​Ethically sourced


​Our products are handled by us to ensure highest quality control

​We use glass bottles to protect our ingredients and avoid any plastic residues from leaching into the formulas